Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Star Tribune Paper Deal

For those of you who signed up for the Star Tribune offer about a year ago, where you got a year's subscription for $26 and got a $25 gift card (making a year's subscription $1), you're probably going to be getting your renewal notice in your Sunday paper soon. I just got mine and was a little shocked!
My Star Tribune contact told me that I could renew through him for $65 for a year and get a $10 gift card (making a year's subscription $55). So I figured when I got my renewal it would be more than that... BUT it is still only $26 for the year (or $52 for a 2-year subscription). Unfortunately, this time around they aren't offering the gift cards, but that is still an amazing deal! We're only half was through the year and I've already saved over $1000 using coupons. I'd say that was money well spent!

If you aren't currently getting the Star Tribune, but would like to get it for as low as $1 for a year, the offer is still available. Check out this post for information depending on your county.


Andy said...

I called Todd (our whatever his name is) and got a subscription. I'm not a big couponer but I know i'll use way more than $1 worth. Thanks!

Sarah Gibson said...

Awesome, Andy! You can't pass up $1! I told my mom she should get it even though they already have a subscription to the Pioneer Press.