Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cheapest Diapers Around!

**UPDATE** The last two magazines I've gotten in the mail haven't had the coupons in them. I've heard that Amazon is getting rid of the 20% off coupons. The diapers are still a fairly good deal, just not quite as amazing...Check out this post from Pocket Your Dollars for a store by store, brand by brand comparison.

Some of you may have heard me talk about Amazon Mom and how cheap I can get diapers from them. For those of you who haven't, or those that was more info, here ya go!

I've paid as little as 5.4 cents per diaper ($13.51 for 252 size 1 Pampers diapers, normally $42.99). Well, okay, I'll be honest, I really got them for free, because after coupons & discounts, I used the Amazon credit card that I applied for, which gave me a $30 credit. Plus, I've paid as little as $1.51 for 720 Pampers wipes (5 wipes for a penny), normally $23.49 (that's like a 2-month supply!).

First of all, you need to get some magazine subscriptions... they often have 20% off diapers coupons for

American Baby Magazine
If you're expecting, you can get a free subscription if you text ABY FREE 21 to 76477.

Get a 3-year subscription for $7.99 (that's 22 cents an issue, and each Amazon coupon will save you much more than that!)

Parenting: The Early Years
I was able to get a free subscription through an offer that NEA sent me. I haven't gotten my first copy yet, but I hear that the coupons are in there! Otherwise I found a link for a 2-year subscription for $4.47 (that's 20 cents an issue).

Baby Talk 
I found a site that will get you this one for free! The last magazine I got had a $10 off any Amazon Baby purchase & I used it with a 20% off to buy diapers.

Fit Pregnancy
I don't get this one, as I haven't seen a good deal on it. But I've heard that they also have the famous Amazon diaper coupons. So if this is a magazine that you really want, and the coupons are just an added perk, then go for it! But me and my lazy butt will figure out how to get fit after pregnancy... maybe...

There may be others that have them too, but these are the ones I know or have heard of having coupons. Watch for deals on them. I haven't paid anything for any of my subscriptions, but I would pay a little for some of these since they have such great coupons!

Once you start getting some of these magazines, you need an Amazon Mom account. This will get you free shipping through Amazon Prime, and 15% off baby purchases. When you go in to order diapers (I always find the ones that have the lowest cost per diaper ratio that they have listed), make sure that you click their "Subscribe & Save" option to get another 15% off. (I always use the 6 month option, then go in and cancel it when the diapers appear on my front step.)

So when all is said and done, you will be getting 50% off your diaper purchase, save in gas money for running to the store, save in shipping, and you don't even have to get dressed to do it! (Well, maybe to walk to your mailbox to get the magazines.)

Now, I'm not finished yet, because even with 50% off the list price of the diapers, you can still get them cheaper. When you go to check out (I believe that's where the have it anyway), you will see something about applying for an Amazon credit card, at least for new accounts. If you already have an Amazon credit card, then you're probably out of luck. But once you sign up and get approved, use that as your payment option. When your bill arrives, you will see the purchase price of your diapers as a charge, but you will also see a $30 credit! So really, you don't even need to pay your bill (unless somehow you managed to spend more than $30 on diapers!). I still have about $5 in credit on my Amazon credit card! :)

If you're buying Pampers or Huggies, make sure you enter the codes on your diapers too at their websites to be able to get other free stuff!


Denise said...

I'm guessing that you won't need the cloth diapers I was planning on making.... =)

Sarah Gibson said...

I still want to try to use cloth too! But I know I'll need some disposable if I have a job...