Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's Mail 8/4/11

Free Women's Day Magazine, coupons, coupons, and coupons, and a sample of L'Oreal Youth Code with another coupon.

The Dollars & Sense, Arby's, and Rainbow coupons all come in a Red Plum in the mail. Some of my favorite coupons from the Dollars & Sense booklet are for Old World Pizza, and Snuffy's Malt Shop (buy one get one hamburgers!), along with a $5 off coupon to RenFest.


Theresa said...

Hmmm, no Snuffy's in mine! I get Acapulco... ;-)

Sarah Gibson said...

I'm sure it's the different areas. Some of them have "zones" that get different coupons to different restaurants in their areas.

Jacque said...

Plum district (I think or Star Trib Daily Deals) is offering Ren Fest tickets 1/2 off! I don't know how much they are normally but they claim you can buy them for $21.
Today only!