Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 8/3/11

The first transaction may not look that impressive, but my overall savings rate for the day was 80.1%!

First Transaction
Free: Chex Mix
Shelf cost: $26.26
Paid: $16.70
Got: $15 gift card
Savings rate: 36.4% (remember the gift card counts as savings in my next transactions)
Second Transaction
Free: Bugles, Lipton
Shelf cost: $26.44
Paid: $0.00 (Used $9.17 of the gift card)
Got: $5 off coupon
Savings rate: 100%

Third Transaction
Shelf Cost:  $43.62
Paid: $11.08 (Used $5 off coupon & $5.83 of the gift card)
Get: $10 mail-in-rebate (counted in savings rate)
Savings Rate: 97.5%
Fourth Transaction
Free: Minute Rice Steamers
Shelf cost: $25.87
Paid: $5.59
Savings rate: 78.4%

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