Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Legit Ways to Make Extra $$, Part 2

If this is the first time you're reading about this, I would suggest you check out my first post to learn more. Plus, my first post has my first favorites, these ones are also good, but start with the best!

Pampers Gifts to Grow since February 2010 (points values vary)
You don't have to be using their diapers to earn points, that's the greatest part! I started when I was pregnant with our first daughter, but wasn't buying any diapers at that point. Pampers puts out free points codes all the time! And you can get some prizes that don't have to do with babies or kids. They have tons of Shutteryfly photo products you can redeem for points. (If you're not already a Shutterfly member, you get 50 free prints just for signing up, and you can pick them up at Target!) I was going to use the points to do our Christmas card photos this past year, but we decided not to do them. So I already have enough points to do this year's Christmas card photos. Well, now you just want to know how to get those free codes to start earning points! There are several money-saving websites that will post codes, but my favorite is Freebies4Mom. (They're quick & easy to find on her site, plus I go there for my mailbox freebies too. I would highly recommend following her site.) I go in to get codes from her site maybe a couple times a month, so it's not something you need to check everyday.

Inbox Dollars
$22.48 since July 2010 ($1 = $1)
The downside to this one is that I haven't seen the money yet. The cash-out threshold is higher at $30. You can earn cash by reading "paid emails" (junk mail), and clicking on the links to confirm that you've read them. You get 2 cents per email, so it takes a while to earn just doing that. But they also email you with surveys, and you can shop and print coupons (similar to MyPoints mentioned in my first post).
**UPDATE** I have just earned enough to "cash out" and when I went to, it was going to charge me a $3 processing fee (so I would only get $27 instead of $30). But, then it offered to give me 30 days to get to $40 and cash out without the fee. I will let you know, but I think it will be rather difficult to get $10 from this company in 30 days.
**UPDATE** I thought it would be pretty difficult to earn $10 in a month (It took me 10 months to earn $30, and the first $5 was a signup bonus). But if you do some of their offers, and check the "paid emails" for some of their bonuses, you should be able to do it!

Send Earnings $15.02 since August 2010 ($1 = $1)
It is pretty much the exact same thing as Inbox Dollars, but with a different name. Sometimes I get the same "paid emails" from both.

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Let me know! Comment below and let me know how you liked the first post, and the sites I listed there. Did you sign up for any? Which ones & how do you like them?

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