Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Partial REVIEW of Macy's First Impressions

We got home from the grocery store this snowy Wednesday afternoon, and saw that there were footsteps going up to our front door. Adam grabbed the package that had been delivered, and brought it inside. It had my name on it, but he wanted to open it. Inside were the items pictured below! Here's my first review...

-18 mo. dress w/ diaper cover
- 6-9 mo. onesie w/ matching bib & pants, and coordinating bodysuit
-pink plush teddy bear

I told Adam that I didn't recall even signing up for these freebies & we searched through the box for a bill. Instead we found a "gift for you!" note from Macy's. It was for me, the blogger (with my huge following of 12 people!), who shares my perspective everyday. Well, I haven't ever done a product review, and they didn't ask me to, but I thought if they were nice enough to send me these for free, then I'll be nice enough to review their products as best I can.

Now, my first daughter doesn't have the chance to wear the outfits, and my second daughter is still 5 months from entering the world, but I will give my opinion as best I can.

I checked out both Macy's webpage for their First Impressions line, then went to Amazon to see if I could compare prices. Amazon didn't have much, and only one item was Amazon Prime eligible (for free shipping, cause why would you pay for that?).

Macy's has three different collections in this line: the "everyday value" collection, which would be what the onesie & coordinates fall into, the "satin hanger" collection, which the dress falls into (and of course comes on a satin hanger!), and the "giftables & accessories" collection, where the bear falls into. Everything right now is listed with a sale price on their website, but I don't know how long those prices are good. Their sale prices on the "everyday value" collection seemed reasonable to me, plus I love that it comes as a set (then I can fold it together in her drawer and Adam can get her dressed in the morning then in something that goes together, not a striped top and poke-a-dotted pants or something crazy). A comparable set was listed for $14.98 on their website. I haven't bought really any dress clothes for her yet (grandma has bought a couple, and we've gotten some hand-me-downs), so I don't really know a good price on those for her. A comparable dress to the one that was sent to us was $28, so you can make your own call on that. I also haven't bought her any toys or stuffed animals, the stuff we have was all gifts from showers for our first daughter. So again, I don't really know a good price, but the bear was on sale on Macy's website for $12.98.

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Ashley said...

The stripes and polka dots comment made me laugh. I put Brynn in an outfit that was gifted to us. It has pink pants, a striped onesy and a polka dot hoodie.