Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Legit Ways to Make Extra $$, Part 3

If this is your first time reading this series, check out Part 1 (with all my most favorites) and Part 2. Now all of these (even if you combine all of them) aren't enough to make up for an income working a full or part time job, but they do add a little extra spending money to your pocket. I've also heard people who save all their points and such until the end of the year, and then use it for Christmas shopping (what an easier way to budget, if you don't have to worry as much about those extra expenses at the end of the year!).

Swagbucks $25 since September 2009 (point values vary depending on card selection: best deal 450 points for a $5 Amazon gift card)
This is a search engine site (like Google or Yahoo!), where you get awarded "SwagBucks" for searching. Fridays are typically "Mega Swagbucks Friday" where you have a greater chance of earning more points with your searches. You can also earn points by printing coupons through their website from  ??. We (my hubby & I) have earned $25, and are getting close to another $5 Amazon gift card (it's the best deal for your points, and you can use multiple gift cards to purchase one item). I will admit that I haven't been as good at using them for my searches lately, but I think I will be picking up again. (I forgot how sweet a deal they are!)

Toluna $20 since July 2010 and 1/2 way to another check! (3,000 points = $1... 60,000 points = $20 check)
This one is kind of fun, because it's more of an online community. You are able to create & post polls, answer polls & comment on different things. The sponsored polls you earn points for answering & often the lead into a survey that you qualify for, which earns you more points! I have to admit, I was a little addicted to this one at first, though I've learned to control it better now! :) They will also email you links to surveys, but I have found that, with these ones, if they sit in your inbox too long, the survey quota gets met quickly.

Consumer Survey I couldn't even tell you how much I've made, or how long I've been a part of it! (100 points = $1)
If you live in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis area, this is a great one to be a part of! They do food product surveys and taste tests in our area. My whole family has been doing this and raves about it! My mom likes to talk about how she got paid $50 to taste chocolate! And I believe my dad tasted brandy once too. The amount varies for each test or survey, but they've always paid pretty high. When you sign up online, you will get sent emails once in a while with surveys for things you might qualify for tasting. You get points (to use to get Amazon gift cards) for taking the surveys, and if you qualify for their taste test, then you get paid on top of that. This is a great one too for those of you who might not have as much time to sit down and be filling out surveys on your computer very often.

One thing I haven't really mentioned, is that many of these sites also have options to make donations to different organizations. I personally don't use this option, as the hubs & I like to write a personal check to the organizations we donate to, and write it off on our taxes. But for those of you that want that option, or that might not otherwise be able to afford to donate to places, it is there on several of these sites.

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Sharing time! What would you spend your Amazon gift cards on?

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