Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recycle Bank = Coupons!

I just joined Recycle Bank, and April is a great month to do it, as it is Earth month! There are a ton of ways to earn free points right now on their site, and they are adding more all the time. The points that you earn can be used to get high value coupons either printed or sent to your house. Gift cards are also available if you are able to get enough points.
Right now they have the Earth Month Green Home Challenge to earn nearly 100 points (I've seen/ heard of different point values). They are adding new rooms to the house, so make sure to check back and complete all the rooms. There's a  pledge on the Aveeno Facebook page to take that will give you a code for up to 50 points. Ziploc & Kashi boxes have codes to enter, after you promise to recycle their boxes. Plus other ways to earn!

It is only available in certain areas right now, as you also earn points by recycling with them.

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