Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've seen too many YouTube clips from Extreme Couponing of people "hoarding" 150 years worth of deodorant or salad dressing (that has an expiration date!) or the like. If you're a decent couponer (and by decent I mean you don't clear off the shelves at a grocery store so that no one else can buy pasta until the store gets their next shipment in), then you stockpile, not hoard.
Stockpiling means you buy enough to get you though until the next sale in a month or so on a particular item. Granted some items go on sale seasonally, so you may have a slightly larger stockpile of those items, but it doesn't start to consume your home and your living space.

I thought I would show you some pictures of my stockpile areas, so that you have a more realistic idea of stockpiling versus hoarding. (If you want to see pictures of that, seriously, just check YouTube for some clips from the show.)

Simple storage fix in the laundry room... Add a shelf above the existing one.

Most people are lucky enough to have smart builders. The builder of our townhome, decided it would be a grand idea to wall off a 4x4 foot dead space. So as a Christmas present, the hubs ripped down the wall, put in a door, and built a linen closet. I keep extra toilet paper, first aide items, and feminine care products in there too.

We live in a townhouse, so don't have much pantry space. (The bottom shelves are for pots & pans.)

So we have a shelf going under the stairs to keep some extras.

To read more about this visit Hot Coupon World.

 What about you? Where have you found to keep your stockpile without it taking over your house and becoming a hoarder?

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