Saturday, April 16, 2011

Palm Art

When I was quite young, I learned how to weave the palm I got each year on Palm Sunday.

As I grew up, I started to make them a little more fancy, by twisting them as I weaved.

But I always loved the way my mother made these beautiful flowers. She usually only made a few, as she said they were kind of tricky. And would end up curling the rest of making tiny little weaves like mine. This year, I finally tried it out. My mom had already split her palm into the tiny sections you need to make the flowers, so I tried making one on hers. (I didn't want to split mine all apart, if I couldn't make the things!) I showed her and she nodded in approval.

**UPDATE** Here's how to make these flowers!

So I went a little crazy and ended up making a vase-full of them.

The artist in you!: What do you do with your palms each year?

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Denise said...

They turned out very nice... =)