Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Target Buys 7/5/11

Before we started shopping, we stopped at Guest Services and got our baby registry scanned, along with a coupon I had received in the mail for a free $20 gift card for creating a registry. Then we went and got our stuff. The Enfamil I had gotten a free coupon for as part of our baby registry pack. The Gerber formula I had a $5 off Target coupon (baby registry again), along with a Gerber check, so it was better than free. The Tums were $1.69 after coupons, and the two candy bars (one for the hubbs and one for me!) were $0.79 each. The only reason we bought them was because there was an overage on the Gerber check for the remaining balance. I ended up putting $0.76 on the free $20 gift card we had gotten.

Savings Rate = 97.2% (but really, I paid nothing, since I got the gift card for free!)

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