Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Downy Unstopables

The other day in the mail I received a free full size sample of a new product, Downy Unstopables in-wash scent booster (and a free pair of socks to try it out on!), from Vocalpoint. From first looking at the product, I thought it was fabric softener that was "scent boosted," but it is to use along with, or without softener. The bottle it comes in is squeezable, so you can smell the "fresh" scent. (It is also available in "lush.") I liked the scent, and I love fresh smelling sheets (you know, after you've just washed them, hung them on the clothes line to dry, and crawl into a freshly made bed... ahh! I love that smell!). Downy says...

With New Downy UNSTOPABLES, the closet can be the freshest place in the house. The dissolving scent beads go in before you start the wash—so more scent infuses into fabrics—and the freshness lasts for more than 30 days (in storage). 

So, I thought I would try it first on a load of bed sheets. I read the directions, and used about 1/2 a cap-ful of the beads, along with my laundry detergent. I did not add fabric softener. I usually forget anyway, and I wanted to be able to compare it to how my laundry normally comes out.

When my sheets were all done washing, I opened the washer, and could smell the "fresh" scent wafting out of the machine. Ahh! Fresh sheets already! Even though they already had the fresh-off-the-line smell, I still hung them up on our clothes rack (again so I could compare, but I also hate running the dryer that heats up the house, when our air conditioner is running... plus it saves money, and I'm all about that!). I usually put a fan blowing on the rack since it's indoors and there's no breeze, like there would be if they were outside. Plus, I wanted them to be dry before we went to bed!

The hubbs and I had a softball game, so we headed out while our sheet dried. When we got home that night and walked in our main floor (the laundry room and drying sheets are upstairs), I could smell the "fresh" scent from our sheets spilling down the stairs! It made the whole house smell wonderful! We went upstairs and I made the bed & crawled in... what a great scent! It's not the same fresh air scent you get from hanging your clothes outside on the clothes line to dry, but it was still a great smell.

Normally, the fresh-off-the-line smell is gone by morning, so you only get to sleep one night with that wonderful smell. Since Downy said that it lasted 30 days in storage, I was curious if it would at least last a week on our bed. Unfortunately, it didn't. But, now I want to try it on a load of towels. I'm hoping that then every time we pull out a clean towel that we'll have that "fresh" scent for at least the first use, instead of the closet smell (is that really a smell?). I will update this post once I do a load of towels and pull some clean ones out of the closet after they've been sitting in there for a little while.

I really wanted to try it out on my towels after the sheets. I used it last week when I did a load of towels, and when I got out of the shower this morning (after using my towel for a week!), it still had that fresh scent smell! I think I am much happier using it on towels than on our bed sheets, but I still might keep using it on them too.

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What would you try Downy Unstopables on? Leave me a comment and let everyone know!

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