Friday, July 15, 2011

Money-Earning Apps for Your Smartphone

Now, I'm not so up with the technology yet, as I don't have a Smartphone, but the Hubbs has one, and has found two different apps that he uses to actually make money!
The first is ShopKick, which I talked about in this post when the Hubbs got a video game for free using the points he had earned. With ShopKick, you earn points by "checking in" at various stores near your location (you don't actually have to be at the store, but it's only worth 1 or 2 points). When you actually walk into a particular store (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Rainbow, Cub, mostly the bigger known ones), ShopKick may offer you the chance to scan certain random items to earn more points (10 to 25, and even up to 100 points). When you get to 500 points you have earned a $2 gift card (depending on which one you choose, point values may vary). You can get gift cards in various amounts ($2, $5, $10, or $20), and for the most part once you redeem points for a gift card, you are given a code to give to the cashier at checkout (at least for Best Buy). You can get gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Target, Sports Authority, Wet Seal,, iTunes, etc. Use promo code "hornet9061" for a 50 point bonus. 

Another money making app is CheckPoints. With CheckPoints you earn points by scanning items at various stores (much like ShopKick); however, with CheckPoints, in addition to earning points, you earn a coin for every item you scan. Coins can be used to play one of two games for a chance to win bonus points. Both games seem to have an equal chance of winning. With CheckPoints, the Hubbs seems to have found that you get to your gift card goals faster than with ShopKick, and he says it seems to be more reliable. Depending on the gift card you choose, 300 points is $1, and you can get $1, $10, or $25 gift cards to Amazon, Home Depot, iTunes, and others. Use referral code "musclesjo" for 150 bonus points during initial setup. Or if you have a Swagbucks account, you can check out the Swagbucks blog for linking your accounts.

What gift cards are you going to get, and what will you buy with them? The Hubbs seems to like Best Buy & video games!

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