Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 5/7/11

Savings Rate = 74.7%
I had everything but the chicken, but somehow still didn't have my total up to $25 for my 7 coupons to double. (That doesn't happen often on Double Double Daze.) The chicken was on sale so I spent $1.85 on that to save an extra $5.46!

Savings Rate = 74.3%
P&G is running a deal with Roundy's where if you buy $30 worth of products, you get a form to send in for a $10 Visa/MC gift card. The hubbs was out of body wash... not anymore! The toilet paper was a little more than what I would normally spend, but I needed it to bring the total up to $30 to get the gift card, so it was worth it. Oh! And the baby wipes were 50% off for whatever reason, but I only had a $0.50 coupon for them (which is a typical coupon for Pampers wipes). But they ended up costing 1.5 cents per wipe, which is a great price!

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