Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cooking the Deals of May 1-7

This week was a little tougher to put together meals from just the stuff on sale this week. But if you've been shopping the past couple weeks, we've seen some good deals that hopefully you've stock-piled.

Since I find it easier to plan ahead, than try to play catch-up, I will be posting the meal ideas part-way though the week (I'm shooting for having it done by Tuesday night, so you know might have a better idea of what you want to get at Rainbow on Double Daze on Wednesday), with the idea that you can do your grocery shopping for the next week. But of course, if you see something you just have to try then why wait until next week? Cook it up tonight for dinner!

Keep in mind though, that I do assume that you will have some of the staples stock-piled on hand. When you're starting off you may not have some of these things stock-piled, but as you go you will!

A "*" denotes items I have on hand that I have gotten for free.
Another note: My meal prices are approximate, it depends on how much you have paid for certain items that I already have on hand or have gotten in previous weeks for a rock-bottom price.

Rainbow Shoppers (that's me!)... check out the list of deals this week at Rainbow.
And for those without a near-by Rainbow... check out the list of deals at Cub.
Meal #1: Italian Chicken & Pasta Salad $4.00
*ingredients on hand: Italian dressing* (use as marinade)
Chicken $1.50/lb @ Cub
Suddenly Salad $0.83 @ Rainbow

*ingredients on hand: cream of chicken soup, egg
Chicken $1.50/lb @ Cub
Ore-Ida tater tots $0.50 @ Rainbow
Meal #3: Salsa Chicken Soup $3.50
*ingredients on hand: chicken broth, chili powder*, corn, cheese, sour cream
Chicken $1.50/lb @ Cub
Red Gold Salsa $0.50 @ Rainbow

Meal #4: Seven Layer Taco Dip $5.00
I find this to be more of a snack or appetizer, but my husband will eat it as a meal.

*ingredients on hand: taco seasoning (free last week), refried beans, cream cheese, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, canned tomatoes, green pepper, onion, black olives, other toppings as desired 
Red Gold Salsa $0.50 @ Rainbow
Boca Ground Crumbles $2.50 @ Cub (or use ground beef or turkey that you have probably gotten for cheaper)
Grande Tortilla Chips $1.00 @ Cub

Meal #5: Jimmy Dean Taco Bake $6.00-$7.00
*ingredients on hand: onion, canned tomatoes, kidney beans, taco seasoning (free last week), shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro
 Jimmy Dean $2.49 @ Cub
Grande Tortila Chips $1.00 @ Cub

Hopefully, next week we'll see some better sale combos to make our meals a little bit cheaper!

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