Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Target Buys 5/5/11

I spent $37 out of pocket, but got $15 in Target gift cards, so really paid $22 and saved $83.01... that's a savings rate of 79%!

The diapers I would have paid $22.98, but the Similac & John Frida hair color were better than free, plus the travel-sized items were all $0.97 and all had a $1 off coupon. So the overage ended up knocking off the tax ($1.11) plus $0.98 on the diapers. The diapers ended up costing 11.4 cents a piece.

One thing I did want to mention, is that if you're not picky about brands for some of these items, you can get your supply of deodorant and many other items for free. We always get the travel-size items that usually cost $0.97 at Target (or even Walmart), and use a $1 off coupon that doesn't specify size. You will never have to pay to be stink-free again! Plus you can stash them different places... gym bag (ahem, if you go...), car, work, etc. I put one in the main floor bathroom of our house, for those days I come in from working outside on a hot day, and don't feel like walking upstairs to re-apply!

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