Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goodbye Speedy Rewards, Hello My SA Rewards

After a lawsuit about the name of their rewards system (Speedy), SA has come out with My SA Rewards. It works very much the same way that the Speedy Rewards works, but there are a few you might like to know.
First, you need to stop into the store to get your new card (bring your old card in with you too!). Look for the My SA Rewards kiosk, and follow the directions, scanning both of your cards to transfer your Speedy Rewards points to your new My SA Rewards card. Just make sure you do it before 12/31/2011.

Then, buy a Super America $100 gift card, and you can earn 1500 points. Use that to pay for your gas and earn 10 points per gallon of gas. Depending on the price of gas, that's about 50 points total per gallon of gas, or about 4 to 5 cents savings per gallon (depending on the price of gas, and what you decide to get with your points).

You will still be saving a bundle on gas when you fill on Terrific Tuesday when your competitor's gas coupons double (here's a 10 cent off coupon for you!). That's saving 20 cents a gallon plus all the points you earn.

So if you use this strategy for saving money at the pump, you'll be saving about 24 to 25 cents per gallon.

Also, remember that reader, Becky shared this with us... (though now you need 8750 points to get the 50 cent coupon).
"Hey, Sarah, this deal gets even sweeter! For those people who have a speedy rewards card and purchase $100 gas cards (earning them 1500 points each time) to make their gas purchases, this deal can be pretty AMAZING! After earning 8000 points, you can cash them in for a coupon worth $0.50 off per gallon. The coupon is good for up to 25 gallons, which nets you an automatic savings of $12.50. Believe it or not, they will double that coupon on Tuesdays as well, resulting in up to $25.00 savings on Tuesdays. We couldn't quite fit 25 gallons in our car the other day, so we didn't get the full savings, but we did save almost $24.00 on our gas purchase. AMAZING! Thank you to the part-time SA employee that gave us the heads up!"

You can check out their new website for more details.

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Carl Rodgers said...

I realize this isn't relevant anymore but for the record the program name didn't change because of a lawsuit. SuperAmerica was sold to Northern Teir and that sale did not include Speedy Rewards. Northern Teir then created their own rewards system based off of Speedy Rewards.