Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Coupon for SA Plus Even More Savings!

Just a reminder to fill up today at Super America to get the cheapest gas prices around! Keep reading to get your coupons!
Super America is accepting competitor's coupons, and doubling their value on Tuesdays (Tuesdays & Wednesdays gas typically comes down in price from the weekend too before going up for the coming weekend!). Here's a link to a 10 cents off coupon (expires 10/31/11), and another for 15 cents off (expires 9/10/11). You can also often find 5 cents off coupons in your mailers. I'm not sure yet if they will double the 15 cent coupons, as I heard it was only up to 10 cents. It may vary from store to store even. Check out this comment from one reader!

"Hey, Sarah, this deal gets even sweeter! For those people who have a speedy rewards card and purchase $100 gas cards (earning them 1500 points each time) to make their gas purchases, this deal can be pretty AMAZING! After earning 8000 points, you can cash them in for a coupon worth $0.50 off per gallon. The coupon is good for up to 25 gallons, which nets you an automatic savings of $12.50. Believe it or not, they will double that coupon on Tuesdays as well, resulting in up to $25.00 savings on Tuesdays. We couldn't quite fit 25 gallons in our car the other day, so we didn't get the full savings, but we did save almost $24.00 on our gas purchase. AMAZING! Thank you to the part-time SA employee that gave us the heads up!" -Becky

Remember, as a Speedy Rewards member, you can save about another 8 cents per gallon (depending on the price at the pump). For each gallon of gas you fill you earn 10 points (and earn 10 points per dollar spent in the store). But to make the deal sweeter yet, buy a $25 "Speedy Cash Food & Merchandise" card and earn another 500 points. (Not that $25 will fill your tank! We typically buy $100, get 2000 points, and use it to fill twice.)

If you're like the hubbs and need to fill more than once a week, take advantage of Saturday and Sunday fills, when you can save 3 cents per gallon if you use your Speedy Rewards card. Plus, use a coupon on top of it for even more savings (it just won't double)!

You can redeem the points you earn for gift cards, merchandise, or fuel savings (10, 25, and 50 cents off discounts on gas). Basically, each 1000 points comes out to be $1 towards a gift card (depending on which one you get). Or as reader Becky found, 8000 points can mean up to $25 in savings at the pump!

You can check out their website for more details.

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Do you know of any other gas stations that run promos or special deals to lower your bill at the pump?

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