Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Opinion Outpost = Free Stuff on Amazon

Opinion Outpost is by far my favorite online survey site. I wrote about it a while back, when I did a 3-part series on ways to make money with online surveys. But I wanted to tell you about it again, in case you haven't signed up yet, and show you what you can get!

First off, when I wrote that first post, I had made about $40. As of now, I have made almost $80! And I just used my points to get a $19 Amazon gift card (you only need 50 points, or $5 in your account to get this reward), that I used to buy two booster packs for Killer Bunnies (it's a card game we play).

Opinion Outpost has a couple different options of what you can get with your points. If you haven't checked out Restaurant.com and their amazing deals for dining out, you can get a $50 gift certificate for 100 points (or $10 worth of points) to try them out. For 50 points, you can make a $5 donation to the Red Cross. Need a gift for someone? How about a Citi gift card? The minimum is $15 (or 150 points). Otherwise if you just need some cash, you can request a check for $20 once you have 200 points in your account.

I have found that Opinion Outpost is the quickest-earning survey site. So check it out!

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