Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheapest Disposable Diapers Currently on Amazon

I was just poking around on Amazon to see what diaper prices were since they've dropped the extra 20% off coupons in all those magazines. Here's what I found were the best deals... (keep in mind it's the best deal if you sign up for Amazon Mom -free shipping and 15% off- and use Subscribe & Save -save an extra 15%-).

Newborn Sized (16 cents each)

Size 1 (11 cents each)

Size 1-2 (11 cents each)

Size 2 (10 cents each)

Size 3 (11 cents each)

Size 4 (13 cents each)

Size 5 (16 cents each)

I know, it seems like an advertisement for Luvs. But it's what out there right now. Click on the links above and explore Amazon if you are brand-specific to find what you like.

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