Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 6/15/11

I got some great deals this week at Rainbow even though only 5 coupons doubled! (Much better than last week when 10 doubled, but I could only find 3 to double.)

Savings Rate = 92.3%
Shelf cost: $26; Spent: $2.01

Savings Rate = 70.2%
Shelf cost: $26.32; Spent $7.48
(The most I spent in one transaction today!)

Savings Rate = 84.8%
Shelf cost: $25.71; Spent: $3.92 

Savings Rate = 100%
Shelf cost: $25.56; Spent $0
I had a check for the formula from Gerber that actually ended up being more than what I owed. I had an overage of $1.42, but of course they don't give change back. Had I planned ahead better, I would have bought a Rainbow Foods gift card for $5 and used it next week.

I haven't had my favorite cashier for quite a while now. He just graduated from high school, so I'm slightly worried he's done working at Rainbow (though, congrats to him!). But I think I found a new one that I like (and I don't think she'll leave!) I only had 5 coupons to double on each transaction, but she still grabbed & scanned the higher values coupons first. But, she did forget to take off 5 cents for bags on 2 of the transactions (but put them on the last one, when I had over paid anyway). In her defense, I forgot to tell her too.

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