Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Taystee Outlet Buys 9/7/11

The cashier at my Taystee Outlet is so nice!

I got 4 packages of hot dog buns (for a grill out at our house after we go paint balling on Saturday... Grandma is looking forward to babysitting Baby E for the first time!), 4 loaves of bread (2 for the hubbs  to have sandwiches for lunch at school and 2 for our picnic at Valleyfair on Sunday), and 1 bag of hoggies for meatball subs last night for dinner. One of the loaves of bread was my freebie for spending $7, but I didn't actually spend $7. See, Wednesday is customer appreciation day, so they give you 10% off. So I grabbed a third loaf of bread so I could get the fourth for free. Even though my total was $6.88, the cashier said she'd "fudge" it a little and let me take the free loaf. Of course I spent more than $5, so I got another stamp on my punch card (get 8 stamps, and you get $2 off your purchase).

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