Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 6/25/11

First Transaction
Free: Pasta, Gold Peak Tea, Soap, Bayer, and Crunch bars
Shelf cost: $26.60
Paid: $1.53 (after $2.29 mail-in-rebate for the Bayer)
Savings Rate: 94.3%

Second Transaction
Free items: Tic Tacs
Shelf cost: $17.84 (plus $50 for the gas card)
Paid: $8.05 (plus $50 for the gas card)
Savings Rate: 54.9%

I needed to get my total up to $25 so my 4 coupons would double, so I bought the gas card.
Also, with Discover Card this month you get 5% cashback at grocery stores, so why not buy a gas card... I'll use it with my Fuel Perks to save even more! :)

Third Transaction
Oops! I forgot the bananas in the front of the cart!

Thanks to the lady two behind me in line who let me quick pay for them!


Marissa said...

Your savings are amazing!!! I wish i could get all those great deals!

Sarah Gibson said...

Start using Pocket Your Dollars, and you'll be able to save A LOT on groceries! :)

Then come back here and find some good recipes to use with the deals you just found.