Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fill a Bag for $5: Roseville VFW

We got to our softball game early yesterday, so the hubbs suggested we check out a "garage sale" that was a fundraiser for the Roseville VFW. We walked around a little, then a lady came up and told us we could fill a bag full of clothes & shoes for $5! Even the hubbs got excited about this and started grabbing any baby girls clothes he could find! He set them aside and I went through them for a 'final inspection' before they went into our bag. (I had to make sure that they would fit her during the right season!) Their "garage sale" price tags totaled $54.50 and we paid only $5. It came out to 19 cents a piece!!!

They are open today (Sunday, June 25, 2011) from 9am until noon, then the Disabled Vets is going to come and pick it all up.

My favorite finds

The hubbs would get mad, I'm sure, 
if I didn't include a picture of his favorite find
(since it was his idea to go, after all!) :)

A dress I found for my niece 
who keeps handing down her clothes to us. 
(I'm sure we'll see it again!)

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Denise said...

You both did great, much cuter items than the ones we were looking at in SSP.