Friday, April 20, 2012

Pre-Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

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Alright, I know this post may sound a little morbid, but I wanted to share, because I realized how much we will save in the long run... plus the headache it will save our family (and that, my friends, is priceless).

I went in today to get an "additional right of burial" (basically the hubbs & I will both be buried on the same plot next to our daughter). When I was in there, I asked the fellow I was working with how much my grandparents had paid for the plots back in 1969 when they bought them. He said about $400! Now I already own the plots (my grandparents passed them onto my parents, who passed them on to me when our daughter died), but was just paying their fee to "split" the lot to allow us both to be buried in the same plot, while our daughter is buried next to us. I paid $670. If I wanted to actually buy the same plot today, I would be paying over $1400. Granted this is 43 years later, but that's $1000 cheaper! I'm sure you don't plan on dying for quite a few years (maybe even more that 43 years!), but if you look into it now, and get it paid for and out of the way with you'll be saving money in the future. Plus the cemetery we will some day be buried at gave us a 5% discount for "pre-need" (we're not dead yet), and an additional 3% discount for paying in full.

Besides, not only will it save you money (yes, I know, once your dead, you can't really spend the money yourself, but your spouse/ children/ loved ones will appreciate it), but you will also be giving your family one less thing to worry about while they are grieving their loss of you. I think that, in and of itself, it worth it. I know having the plots ready was one less thing to worry about as I was in the dazed-state of grief after Danielle died.

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Denise said...

Not only can you pre purchase a plot but you can also pre pay at today's rate the funeral home costs and the casket or urn. You can even 'plan' how you want the funeral services so that everything is down on paper as to your specific wishes. It may sound morbid, but after being on the receiving end of having to plan or help plan several funerals, it is an amazing and last loving gift in which to bless your family. Thank you to my mom and dad in-law!