Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Rainbow Buys 1/28/12

Those of you that know me, know I don't like coffee, so you might be wondering why I bother getting the coffee creamer, even though it's free. Well, I'll tell you! It goes great in hot chocolate! I wanted a peppermint hot cocoa once, and coffee creamer was 15 cents after coupons, so I bought a peppermint one and tried it in my hot cocoa. It was delicious! So since it was on sale again, I thought I'd try some different ones (plus the peppermint was gone :( ). I'm drinking white chocolate hot cocoa right now with a splash of the Cinnabon one, and I think I like it better than the peppermint! :)

 First Transaction:
Free: Creamers, Zone Perfect Bars
Shelf cost: $25.61 (I got a $16 gift card to bring my total up to $25 so my coupons would double.)
Paid: $16.23 (remember, $16 of that I get back as a gift card)
Savings rate: 36.3% (not counting the fact that I'm walking out with $16)
If you forget about the gift card, then my savings rate is 97.6%, but I'll count it in my next transaction instead.

Second Transaction:
Free: Pop Secret
Shelf cost: $26.86
Paid: $0 (paid $8.44 from the gift card)
Savings rate: 100%

I had gotten a coupon for free Pop Secret from Disney Movie Rewards. :)

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