Tuesday, July 26, 2011

State Fair: Cheapest Admission Days

I was just looking at the admission ticket prices for this year's state fair, and I thought I'd write up a quick post about which days are cheapest to bring your family.
If you're an active military family, then you're best bet is Tuesday, Aug. 30th, when you can get tickets for $7 by showing your military ID. (The wording on it sound like if you're a veteran, then just the vet gets the discount.)

If you don't have kids, and aren't in the military, then your cheapest way to get in is to buy advanced discount tickets at Cub Foods (and other stores for those out of the metro area) for $9, and go any day that works best for you!

Otherwise, on following days kids ages 5-12 are $7 at the door (kids under 5 are always free), and adults are $10 or $12 at the door (but, you can buy discounted tickets for $9 at Cub Foods (and other stores for those out of the metro area) for the adults before the Fair starts, saving you even more).

Thursday, Aug. 25th
Monday, Aug. 29th
Wednesday, Aug. 31st (everyone getting the discount at the door must have a library card... remember they're free, and a great way to teach kids the responsibilities of having a library card.)
Monday, Sept. 5th

For more info on State Fair tickets, check out the MN State Fair website.

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