Friday, May 13, 2011

NEW FAVORITE: Taystee Bakery Outlet Buys 5/13/11

We're having our daughter's 1st birthday party this weekend, and we're going to grill out and have cake after we visit her at the cemetery. So I needed lots of burger & brat buns. My mom told me to try out the Taystee Bakery Outlet. I guess you can't see everything that well, but I have 4 packages of hot dog buns, 3 packages of burger buns, 1 loaf of bread, and 1 package of "thin buns." All the burger/ brat buns were $0.90 each (cheaper than Roundy's with the exception of the very occasional sale). The loaf of bread was $0.75 (again cheaper than Roundy's). And the "thin buns" were a free item when you spent $7. For all of this I spent $7.05, that's $0.78 an item! Plus they have a punch card that you can get punched for every $5 you spend. Once you have 8 punches (spent $40), you get $2 off (which, depending on what you buy, is two items!) The only down side is that they don't accept coupons, but they're prices are so cheap anyway!

To find a location near you, just search "Taystee Bakery Outlet Stores" and it will come up with a bunch of different locations throughout the Twin Cities. I could not find a webpage for them, but and both had listings.

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