Monday, November 21, 2016

Lowe's: New Washer & Dryer for $235

Look at this lovely pair of machines we just bought for $235! Yep, you read that right!
New Washer & Dryer

Let me explain how...

First, the best time to buy large appliances is September and October (okay, I know it's November). The new models are coming out and stores need to get rid of last years models, so this pair that was originally $1872.55 with the stacking kit was marked down to $1214.80, saving us $657.75.

Lowe's is also running a deal where if you buy 2 or more appliances, you can get a rebate of up to $400. We bought 3 appliances (my parents also bought a dishwasher on the same receipt), so we got a $100 rebate. But since my parents also contributed to the purchase, we split it up so that we got 2/3 of it and they got 1/3 of it since we bought 2 appliances and they bought 1, saving us $66.67.

My mom had also gotten a coupon on the bottom of one of her receipts before for 11% off your total transaction. Unfortunately, that couldn't be combined with the military discount of 10% off, but since it was a little more, we were still happy with it, since it saved us $133.63.

We also have a Discover Card that gives us Cashback bonuses on all our purchases. We had saved up over $450 in rewards, and since they are partnered with Lowe's we could get a $100 gift card for $90, so with that $450 in rewards, we got $500 in gift cards. So, that saved us $500. (If you register for Discover with my link, you get a bonus $50 in Cashback and so do I!)

I also have been using the Shopkick app for a couple years, and had saved up enough points to get $70 in gift cards to Lowe's. Plus, I had $9.62 left from when I had gotten a gift card to buy Adam a Christmas present a year or two ago. So, Shopkick saved us $79.62. (I'd love it if you used my referral link, if you choose to sign up for Shopkick. Or enter hornet9061 when you download it on your phone. Right now they're not offering sign up bonuses though.)

Since we're remodeling and want a stacked set instead of a side by side, we're replacing a set that works perfectly well. Instead of paying for haul away when they deliver the new ones, we're going to list the old ones on Craig's List. We've sold a dryer before on Craig's List for $75, and these ones are in better shape, so we plan on listing them for $100 each, which means we're saving $200 on replacing working appliances.

So, after all is said and done, we saved $1637.67 total on a brand new washer & dryer for our laundry room and mud room remodel, meaning we paid $234.88. When Adam and I figured it all out before we made our purchase, he said, "Can we afford to not buy them right now?"

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