Friday, August 22, 2014

Actual Homemade Laundry Soap

I've seen so many recipes for homemade laundry soap where you're just taking other store bought soaps, grating or melting them, and mixing them all together. I never quite understood that. If you want to make laundry soap, then let's actually make laundry soap!

I'm not sure how long this recipe has been around, but I remember my grandpa making it when I was a kid. When he couldn't make it anymore, my dad started making it. And when a friend posted about wanting homemade laundry soap, I asked for the recipe to share with everyone.

Here goes...

First you need rendered lard. My grandpa and dad would always do this outside in the garage on a camp stove with an old pot. You'd think it's because they're guys and need to be in a "man cave" of sorts while cooking or something, but it is rather stinky, so I would suggest doing it out there. (I'm pretty sure grandma made grandpa do it out there!) Here's a crock pot tutorial I found online. You wouldn't have to do it in a crock pot though.

#3 coffee can filled about 1/2 full with rendered
1 quart of cold water
1 can of lye

Soften the lye with the cold water, then pour the lard over and stir. Stir until it begins to set, then pour it into paper milk or half and half containers to harden. When it has fulled cured and hardened, grate with an old cheese grater.

When you use it, you either have to use it in hot water wash, or fill your washer partially with hot water, let it dissolve, then put your clothes in and finish filling with cold water, since it needs the hot water to dissolve.

Next time my dad makes soap, I'll try to take pictures or have my mom take some, so you have a visual to go along with it! Good luck, and happy laundry day!

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