Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 9/21/11

First Transaction
Free: Nesquik, Excedrin
Shelf cost: $32.95
Paid: $9.54
Savings rate: 71.1%

The gum is the hubbs' favorite (he's been out for a while too), and I only paid 3 cents for each triple pack! I asked him how much he loved me before I handed it over to him. :)

Second Transaction:
Shelf cost: $27.91
Paid: $13.27
Got: $3 off coupon*
Savings rate: 52.5%

*Alright, so it didn't print for me, and I forgot about it -that happens with a crying baby!- until I got home, but I called and they said I can get it next Wednesday when I come in. This was a deal that I posted about for buying Gain. I unfortunately only had one coupon for the dish soap, so I didn't earn a shiny penny, I paid $0.99 for all three... still not a bad deal though!

Third Transaction:
Free: Nesquik
Shelf cost: $33.79
Paid: $23.44
Got: $10 off coupon (this one didn't print either, but I remembered to ask about this one, so I left this store with the coupon)
Savings rate: 30.6%

The hubbs needed more granola bars for taking to school, and they are running a deal if you buy $25 worth of certain products you get $10 off your next trip. I only had coupons for the Snack Packs (and the Nesquik, but that wasn't part of the deal). The coupon isn't included in my savings rate, so next week my savings rate should be higher than normal.

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