Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 9/14/11

First Transaction
Free: Batteries, French Toast
Shelf cost: $30.25
Paid: $6.75
Savings rate: 80.9%
I used an $8 off coupon from my last shopping trip when I bought contact solution.

Second Transaction
Free: Batteries, Nesquik, Cottonelle wipes, dish soap
Shelf cost: $28.00
Paid: $8.60
Savings rate: 69.3%
The baby food I had a coupon to get two of them for free, and on there was $1.00 off eight. I'm not sure if 32 cents is a really good deal or not, as this is the first time I've bought baby food. I'm thinking I may end up making a lot of her baby food in the future though.

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