Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Rainbow Buys 6/11/11

I've had a super productive morning (go me!), so I didn't take a picture of what I got (too bad for you :( ). I was kind of disappointed (I actually had to sign after running my credit card!!!). I didn't think it would be that great of a trip, and I was right. But here's how I did...

6 boxes of General Mills cereal $22.74; I paid $9.74 and got $6.25 in coupons
2 boxes (16 ct) of Lipton Tea $1.98; I paid nothing
3 cans of Butter Kernel Veggies $2.61; I paid $0.99
1 box (100 ct) of Pop-Ice freezies $5.55; I paid $0.99 (after $1 mail-in rebate)
1 twin pack of Old Dutch chips $3.99; I paid $1.68
1 Simek's Lasagna $7.99; I paid $3.98
2 gallons of milk $5.58
1 tub (24 oz) of Old Home cottage cheese $5.19; I paid $1.98

Grand total: $54.79; I paid $26 and got $6.25 in coupons (plus some others that I probably won't use)

Savings Rate = 54.37% (Not that great, but if you factor in the coupons it's a little better... But I'll count those next time when I use them.)

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