Monday, April 25, 2011

Cooking the Deals of April 24-30

You got all these really great deals at Cub & Rainbow... Great! Now what? Check out some different meal ideas to add to your weekly meal plan to help save your family even more money!
Since I find it easier to plan ahead, than try to play catch-up, I will be posting the meal ideas part-way though the week (I'm shooting for having it done by Tuesday night, so you know might have a better idea of what you want to get at Rainbow on Double Daze on Wednesday), with the idea that you can do your grocery shopping for the next week. But of course, if you see something you just have to try then why wait until next week? Cook it up tonight for dinner!

Keep in mind though, that I do assume that you will have some of the staples stock-piled on hand. When you're starting off you may not have some of these things stock-piled, but as you go you will!

A "*" denotes items I have on hand that I have gotten for free.
Another note: My meal prices are approximate, it depends on how much you have paid for certain items that I already have on hand or have gotten in previous weeks for a rock-bottom price.

Rainbow Shoppers (that's me!)... check out the list of deals this week at Rainbow.
And for those without a near-by Rainbow... check out the list of deals at Cub.

Meal #1:  Chicken Ceasar Salad $
ingredients on hand: ceasar dressing*, croutons, other choice salad toppers
Iceberg lettuce $0.79 @ Rainbow (or Salad Express $2.50, buy 2 get free cherry tomatoes @ Cub)
Kraft shredded cheese $0.99 @ Rainbow
Roundy's chicken breasts $0.99/lb @ Rainbow
-Cook the chicken as you wish, cut it up in bite-size chunks and toss onto your salad

Meal #2: Crockpot Apricot BBQ Chicken Wings $
ingreadients on hand: apricot preserves (I thought of trying some apple that I have instead...)
Roundy's chicken drumsticks $0.99/lb @ Rainbow
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce $1.00 @ Cub (I can usually get bbq sauce for free at Rainbow)
McCain Potatoes $1.79 @ Cub

Meal #3: Hot Dog, Beans, & Chips & dip $2.27
ingredients on hand: chips (these were on sale last week)
Bar-S hot dogs $0.69 @ Rainbow (the hubbs & I have found that we don't really like this brand, but my sister-in-law gets them often)
Roundy's hot dog buns $0.49 @ Rainbow
Heluva dip free @ Rainbow
S&W Beans $0.30 @ Rainbow

Meal #4: Salad & Pizza $2.79-$4.15
ingredients on hand: dressing*
Tony's or Bernatello's pizza $2-$2.49 @ Cub
Iceberg lettuce $0.79 @ Rainbow (or Salad Express $2.50, buy 2 get free cherry tomatoes @ Cub)
 -Gotta have something healthy with the pizza right?

Meal #5: Sloppy Joe's $2.50+ (depends on if you're making it for the freezer or just one meal)
ingredients on hand: Manwich (or follow recipe in link above... the hubbs is cooking this one, so he'll be using Manwich, one of his favs)
Roundy's burger buns $0.49 @ Rainbow
Jenni-O ground turkey or Hormel ground pork $1.67/lb @ Cub

Since chicken is on sale this week (Roundy's chicken breasts $0.99/lb @ Rainbow), I also wanted to share two links with you. I love making things for the freezer (cook once, eat twice -or three, or four times!). So I'm going to get some chicken, toss it in the crock pot & shred it for some easy meals later. I also have some other ideas for the shredded chicken when some other items go on sale!

Is there something else you would like to see on here? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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